Our focus is to train and mobilize people with disabilities and other vulnerable populations so they become empowered servant leaders. We want to see them create sustainable social change not only in their communities but also in global communities.   

Our message to every community is clear.  Every person is made in the image of God.  We all have a destiny.  So we empower “the least, the lost and the left behind.”  Everyone is visible, is valuable and we need their voice. Through service and biotechnology we create a level field where no one gets left behind.   We use the outdoors and sports as an experiential laboratory because as image bearers of God, we often find our original design on adventure in nature and in the healing power of community with diverse friends.   When we hope again and find freedom in the adventure, then we are called to conqueror goals in our personal lives and give our lives away as agents of change and servant leaders.

“Create Dangerously.  And, as I ponder the fusing of servant and leader, it seems a dangerous creation: dangerous for the natural servant to become a leader, dangerous for the leader to be servant first,and dangerous for a follower to insist on being led by a servant.” Robert Greenleaf